Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dear people of the universe who may or may not know how to read and may or may not read this blog because they may or may not have a computer and they may or may not have Internet access,

I know that I just posted something, like, five minutes ago, but I just realized that the picture of me on my blog is kind of... well, outdated. I would change it, but it's a nice picture (plus I may or may not know how) so I am going to try to post a picture of me (as recent as possible) on this post so that you can see what I look like now (for those of you who are far away).
Yay! It worked! This is me on my way into the gym where Reagan plays basketball. I think she had a game that day.
This is me and and my friend. I'm the one in the cowboy hat. We started a band called the Bedhead Rockers.
We don't have the band anymore. Nobody came to our concerts.

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