Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dear people of the universe who may or may not know how to read and may or may not read this blog because they may or may not have a computer and they may or may not have Internet access,

I know that I just posted something, like, five minutes ago, but I just realized that the picture of me on my blog is kind of... well, outdated. I would change it, but it's a nice picture (plus I may or may not know how) so I am going to try to post a picture of me (as recent as possible) on this post so that you can see what I look like now (for those of you who are far away).
Yay! It worked! This is me on my way into the gym where Reagan plays basketball. I think she had a game that day.
This is me and and my friend. I'm the one in the cowboy hat. We started a band called the Bedhead Rockers.
We don't have the band anymore. Nobody came to our concerts.
Happy Thanksgiving! Well, not exactly. According to my clock, Thanksgiving is in exactly 5 hours, 27 minutes, and 7 seconds. It's still only Wednesday.

What are you having for Thanksgiving? Mama told me what we're having, and I'm excited, because it's all of my favorite foods. We're having turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, jello salad (which I've never tried), green beans, casserole, four different kinds of pie, and a bunch of other foods I can't remember. But what I can remember sounds really good. Sometimes we have ham too, but I guess that's more of a Christmas dinner thing.

I'm super excited for tomorrow, because our Grandpa will be here. He's visiting from Idaho for Thanksgiving. The only thing I'm not excited about (besides all the cooking and cleaning we'll be doing) is waiting, because dinner sounds really good, and we'll have to wait ALL DAY for it. The day just seems to get longer and longer and longer the more you have to wait. Maybe I'll just sleep all day so that right when I wake up it will be time for dinner. No, just kidding. That wouldn't work.

I've also been thinking, and I realized that tomorrow marks a year since we've finished our Clue movie. We made it with our cousins. We based it off of the board game, Clue. I was Peacock, Reagan was White, our cousin Erica was Scarlet, and we got some of our other cousins to play the others. It was really fun because I was the one who committed the murder (SPOILER: it was Peacock in the dining room with the poison) so I got to act all creepy and mysterious. We're all really cheesy actors and the movie itself is quite predictable, but we were very proud when we finished it because we only had 4 days to make the movie. Then we had to edit it, of course, and that process took about another 4-6 months (Reagan and I had to wait to see it because our cousins live far away). In the end, the movie was about 30-40 minutes long. Before it was edited, it was, like, two hours long! We messed up so many times. We had a lot of 'bloopers', but they didn't get put into the final product. I think I'm going to watch the movie later.

Since it's Thanksgiving, I read a talk by Dieter F. Uchdorf called 'Gratitude in Any Circumstance'. I really like it. You should read it.

I'm also really happy, because after Thanksgiving, it's Christmas! We're driving to Idaho this year (which means three long, boring, miserable days in the car) and I'm really excited, even for the drive because I think we're going to visit a lot of places.

Also, a few days ago on Sunday, November 22nd, it was Ryan's birthday. He was really excited. Mama made a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, and we had pizza for dinner (we got frozen pizzas the day before). It was also my friend Kinzie's birthday. She turned 13. I still have to wait a while for my birthday; it's in January. It's not really that long, but it always seems to take FOREVER.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From Olivia

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dear people, this is the survey I have made for you, one, because I thought the readers of my blog might like it, and two, because I am bored and don't have anything better to do. Please answer by leaving a comment at the end of the post.

1) If you were bored, what would you do?
a- read a book
b- go outside
c- drive the rest of your family nuts
d- continue to be bored 
e- none of the above

2) What would you do to avoid boredom?
a- make yourself laugh
b- do any random thing you want to
c- cry
d- you don't avoid boredom 
e- none of the above

3) Why did the chicken actually cross the road/
a- to get to the other side
b- because the ducks wouldn't do it
c- because it had to go to work
d- because it wanted to 
e- none of the above

Thank you for reading and completing my survey.
Hugs and Smiles,
Hello all the people who are reading my blog in this universe that are totally and completely human and have a computer so that they actually can read this! Today is Sunday. I like going to church, but I don't like class because there is only one other girl who ever actually comes, and the  other six are really crazy, annoying, talkative, lego-obsessed boys who make me really want to punch something (or someone, if you know what I mean). For those of you who don't know, in August I started middle school and it is really fun but really busy. Tomorrow we start our ninth week of school and I've already used an entire pack of loose-leaf paper! Also, a few weeks ago, I weighed my backpack, and it weighed 8.5 lbs. exactly. Here's why: I have to carry around three binders, a music book, two notebooks, two folders, two library books, colored pencils, expo-markers, extra pencils, glue sticks, scissors, a lunchbox, a flute, and an extra bag to carry all of the stuff I need for my classes and still have room to shove it all  in my locker (which, by the way, is a half-locker, not a whole-locker). Also, I have one class in particular that I absolutely dread: career connections. I absolutely despise careers because the other kids in there are so loud and crazy that the world could be ending because of massive explosions and dinosaurs and they would still go on talking about whatever is not about school and irrelevant to anything anybody else is saying. Lucky for me, this is my last week because all of the connections besides band and chorus change every nine weeks. Next I hope I get either art, P.E., or health. But the teacher is really nice. This is what my school schedule looks like from what I can remember off the piece of paper they gave me at the beginning of the school year that I accidentally threw away:

Period 1/Homeroom) Math- Mrs. Perry
Period 2) Reading- Mrs. Cissa
Period 3) Social Studies- Mrs. Kumpf
Period 4) ELA- Mr. Rentz
Period 5) Science- Mrs. Pichon
Period 6) Career Connections- Ms. Thompson
Period 7) Band- Mrs. Dixon

As you can see, my day is packed full. But at least the classes are fun!
Okay, now I have to go because my fingers are starting to hurt  from all of this typing and editing the mistakes I make.
Hugs and Smiles,
P.S. Please read and complete the survey I am about to make (answer using the comment box).
P.P.S. Make sure to read Reagan's blog!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hello, my Earthian friends in this galaxy who read whatever this thing is called!!!!! (the word is on the tip of my tongue........)
My Marshipilian friends all of the sudden changed their minds about reading. Weird..... Oh well!!! So, what are all of my Earthian friends up to? Please tell me!!!!!  Today, church was really fun. I was actually able to fast!!! Yay!!!! It wasn't that bad. Especially since the last time I tried to fast, mama had to bring me goldfish because my stomach hurt so bad (Not a happy day for me). By the way, yesterday I noticed that Reagan's blog (there's the word!!) doesn't have any comments on it except the one I gave her. It's there, people!! SO READ IT!!!!!!!!!! With that nicely said, my Marshipilian friends have another message for you Earthian people:
Eht steliot pu ereh t'nod krow! Ew evah ot og ni ynit seloh taht ew evah ot gid. Ouy syug era yrev ykcul!!!!
The toilets up here don't work! We have to go in tiny holes that we have to dig. You guys are very lucky!!!!
Well, that was random. But SO true!!! :)
Hugs and Smiles from your alien friend who became an Earthian,
Olivia (or Aivilo!)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello, people in this galaxy and beyond who have the internet and are able to read my blog!!!
Ym nailipihsram sdneirf dolt em taht ym golb saw gnitteg ytterp gnirob. Os I evah dediced ot tup erom serutcip no ti.
My Marshipilian friends told me that my blog was getting pretty boring. So I have decided to put more pictures on it.
In case you are wondering, the Marshipilians, especially Mork (my best buddy), do not like to read that much. In fact, for a while books weren't even aloud on the entire planet! But luckily I was able to convince the council that books were harmless and they would not make Planet Marshiple more like other planets (we like to be very original). So, my dear Earthians, I will be trying to add a few more pictures to my blog. Mork, I hope this makes my blog more interesting. Anyway, here is an update on my everyday normal earth life:
1..... I turned 11 (yay!)
2..... Soccer season FINALLY started!!!!
3..... I won an award called the Optimist Outstanding Youth award or something like that (I think).
4..... Somewhere, sometime time, at some place, I have to get some shots JUST because I turned 11 (NOOOOOO!!!!!!! All I had was a birthday. Sheesh!!!!!)
5..... I am in the middle of reading some TURTLEY AWESOME new books (yay, again!)!!!!!

Other than that, my life as an Earthian is going pretty normally well. Oh look, I just got a message from Mork!!!!! This is what it said:
Ouy era ykcul uoy t'nod evah krowemoh. Pu ereh ew evah snot!!!!!:(
That is so Turtley True. ;)
LOTS of Hugs and LOTS of Smiles, your TURTLEY AWESOME Marshipilian alien friend who was sent to be and Earthian,
Olivia (or Aivilo as aliens call me on Planet Marshiple :) )

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello, people of the universe!!!!
The aliens of planet Marshiple told me it was time to post something on my blog, and they were right. It has been over a year since I last posted something on this thing. I need to catch up!!! When I last posted on my blog, I was in fourth grade. Now I am in fifth grade. My teachers are super nice. My favorite subject is science. I loved studying about cells and DNA codes. I am super excited for my birthday. Since today is January 4, my birthday is in 12 days!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be turning 11 on my birthday. We are going to have a table with mugs of hot chocolate on it, and there will be whipped cream, marshmallows, candy, and a bunch of other stuff to put in our hot chocolate. Then we will watch a movie and eat cupcakes. It will be so much fun. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
From your alien bookworm friend who likes chocolate,